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Pioneers in Digital Marketing, our success in training individuals stems from the fact that we have on board the best resources in the domain. With a combined experience of more than a decade in digital marketing and extensive exposure to the industry, our core team charts out the digital highway for you to tread. 

Our Vision

We want to create skilled digital marketers with the sole focus on delivering 3x growth to businesses through digital channels. We create skilled digital marketers with real implementation knowledge.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help 100,000 students to build successful careers in digital marketing by implementing our student-centric framework. We are committed to provide skills that are relevant to digital industry.

Ankit Saxena

Ankit Saxena

Lead Trainer & Co-Founder

Ankit Saxena is one of the lead trainers at Digital Marketing Grid and is also one of the founders at Konvert Klicks Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital marketing agency in India based out in Bhopal. He started his digital marketing career in 2014 as an SEO executive at SEOValley. Within 1.5 years, he worked as a company SEO manager. This has helped him gain experience and expertise in this domain during this period. He believes that success is not attained by chance. Instead, one must seek it with passion and perseverance.

His live training sessions are what his students most love about him! He specializes in Pay per clicks, Business Strategy, Marketing strategy, Brand Management, SEO, SMM, SEM, Facebook marketing, mobile marketing, and Inbound marketing!

His years of experience and expertise are well reflected when he’s teaching, and he is strongly motivated to make the “Want-to-be-digital-marketers” into Digital Marketers. In his spare time, he loves spending time with family and friends. Long Rides on bike and watching movies is his stress buster.

Ankit Saxena
Hemant Pic

Hemant Panchratan

Lead Trainer & Co-Founder

Hemant is one of our lead trainers & co-founder at Konvert Klicks Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital marketing agency in India situated in Bhopal. His 12+ years of experience in the domain of digital marketing is poured out when he’s teaching his students. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Hemant believes in continual improvement and the need to stay focused on achieving goals. In addition, he firmly believes in the on-hand experience approach to teaching, and his students couldn’t love him more for that. A new technologies evangelist, he is immensely passionate about everything tech and digital and loves sharing his knowledge with anyone eager to learn. This, combined with his strong interpersonal skills, helps him make his sessions interactive, informative, and fun.

He specializes in Inbound Marketing, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, Digital Advertising, Brand Management, SEM, SEO, ORM, and SMM! His expertise and experience make him the best fit to teach digital marketing to students across India. He is presently the CEO & Business Development Strategist at Konvert Klicks and is an active Trainer at Digital Marketing Grid! He likes to travel to new places whenever possible.”

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Short Mastery Courses

The short mastery courses are based on important topics we need detailed discussion. We have short courses on Canva, WordPress, Landing Pages, etc.

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We conduct regular workshops on how you can build and grow your careers in digital marketing. These workshops are designed to help know about digital marketing.

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