Digital Marketing Course in Bhopal

The whole world has gone digital. Marketing is no more traditional, making way for the most effective digital concepts to lead the way to success. Enrolling in our digital marketing course, arms you with knowledge and exposure to the real world of digital marketing.


  • 100% job assistance
  • SOPs & Worksheets
  • Agency Styled Learning
  • Hackathon-based learning
  • Work on real-time projects
  • Training by Agency Owners


Classroom Classes (Learn 15+ Modules)


4 Month Training cum Internship

Batch Starting

1st of August (only 25 Seats)

Batch Days

Weekdays (Mon – Fri)

Course Fee

₹45,000/- (Easy EMI Available)

Top Skills You Will Learn


WordPress website development


Content creation


Quality traffic & lead generation using SEO


Digital strategy


Lead generation through paid marketing


Campaign performance tracking

Top Job Opportunities


Content Strategiest


Social Media Expert


Google Ads / PPC / Paid Ads Expert


Email Marketing Specialist


Content Writer / Copywriter


SEM Specialist


SEO Executive / Expert

Who Can do this Program




Brand building & engagement using social media




Under Graduates


Job Seekers


Post Graduates

Module 1 : An Orientation

A detailed explanation of the digital marketing grid, its trainers, digital marketing courses, certification, placements, and more. We will be covering a road map to becoming a skilled digital marketer.

Duration: 1 Class (90 Mins)

Module 2 : An Introduction to Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? Its fundamentals and key principles. We will dig deep into digital marketing frameworks. Understanding traditional & digital marketing. We will talk about different digital channels and more.

Duration: 2 Classes (180 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 1

Module 3 : Finding Niche

Finding a niche is important in digital marketing. Identifying the problem and providing the solution is the ways to grow every business. In this module, you will be learning the framework and finalizing the niche.

Duration: 2 Classes (180 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 2

Module 4 : How to connect with customers

Understanding buyer’s journey and different stages. You will learn to create personas by finding WHO, WHAT & HOW. Also, learning to map the different personas with different buyers’ journey stages.

Duration: 3 Classes (270 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 3

Module 5 : WordPress Development

You will learn about the domain, hosting, and how to build a website using WordPress. You will create a website from scratch using DIVI builder. Also, you will learn to create a blog for your site as well.

Duration: 4 Classes (360 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 4

Module 6 : Content Creation & Marketing

You will learn to content marketing concepts and how to create a content strategy. We will teach you content audit and research. How to create content marketing plans and content curations using different tools.

Duration: 4 Classes (360 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 5

Module 7 : Search Engine Optimization

Understanding search engines and how they work. You will learn the exact SEO agency workflow to rank any website on Google. We will teach everything from SEO audit to SEO reporting.

Duration: 6 Classes (540 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 6

Module 8 : PPC & Search Ads

Learn to set up a pay-per-click campaign using Google ad. You will learn to bid, keywords match types, conversion set-ups & tracking, and more. How to run a successful paid campaign with an affordable budget.

Duration: 4 Classes (360 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 7

Module 9 : Social Media Marketing

Apart from learning about different platforms and how their algorithm works, you will learn to engage and grow followers. How to convert followers into community members.

Duration: 8 Classes (720 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 8

Module 10 : Social Media Ads

How to set up ad accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You will learn different types of campaign setups, bidding methods, and ad creations. We will teach you how social media agency works.

Duration: 5 Classes (450 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 9

Module 11 : YouTube & Display Advertising

Learning fundamentals of YouTube & display advertising. Setting up, editing, a conversion tracking. You learn to manage and optimize different campaigns.

Duration: 3 Classes (270 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 10

Module 12 : Email Marketing

How to set up business emails with proper authentication and deliverability. You will learn to set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and more. Also, we will teach you to set up MailChimp and create campaigns & email templates. Track, measure, & reporting the email campaigns.

Duration: 5 Classes (450 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 11

Module 13 : Google Analytics

Discover with data. Learn setting up Google analytics and know-how and what visitors are looking for on the website. We will teach you to read the data to create an effective digital marketing plan.

Duration: 5 Classes (450 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 12

Module 14 : Digital Marketing Strategy

So far you have learned and implemented everything about all the different digital marketing platforms. In this module, we will teach how you can tie it together to create a result-oriented digital marketing strategy.

Duration: 2 Classes (180 Mins)

Assignment – Hackathon 13

Ankit Saxena

Ankit Saxena is one of the lead trainers at Digital Marketing Grid and is also one of the founders at Konvert Klicks Pvt. Ltd. His years of experience and expertise are well reflected when he’s teaching, and he is strongly motivated to make the “Want-to-be-digital-marketers” into Digital Marketers.

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Hemant Panchratan

Hemant is one of our lead trainers & co-founder at Konvert Klicks Pvt. Ltd., a leading digital marketing agency in India situated in Bhopal. His 12+ years of experience in the domain of digital marketing is poured out when he’s teaching his students. 

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We provide you with more than 15+ certifications from industry leaders like Hubspot, SEMrush & Google. We provide our own course and 15 module completion certificates.

DMG Completion Certificate

Course Completion Certificate

Google Display Ads Certification

Google Display Ads Course Certification

HubSpot Certification

Google Shopping Ads certification

Google Shopping Ads Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Google Video Ads Certification

Google Video Ads Certification

Google Search Ads Certification

Google Search Ads Certification

Internship Certificate

Internship Certificate from Konvert Klicks

Learn Using More Than 25 Digital Marketing Tools

& Many More

What We Offer

We provide you 100% practicle learning based on real projects with real implementation and generating real results.

100% Practical Learning

We assign with real projects which will grow as you move ahead with the learnings.

Gamified Learning

We conduct weekly hackathons to implement what you have learned so far in the course.

Classroom Training + Pre-recorded Videos

We provide classroom classes + pre-recorded videos which cover the all the important concepts.

100+ SOPs Templates and Workbooks

You will get access to 100+ ready to implement standard opreating procedures templates.

Agency-Styled Learning

Since we ourself run the digital marketing agency, Konvert Klicks, you will get the learning in the same manaer.

100% Job Assistance

We provide job assistance till you get placed in the company.

1-on-1 Doubt Clearance

We provide personalized doubt clearance sessions which will be conducted weekly after hackathons.

Weekly Mastermind Sessions

Digital Marketing Industry growing fast and keeping up with this is tough. So we do these session keep you up-to-date.

Opportunity to Get Hired within our Agency

Yes, we hired the people we train but for that you have go through the tough process evaluations.

Mock Interviews

we will arrange a series of mock interviews to get you accustomed to the standards of the industry.

Industry Certifications

We provide Google & hubspot certifications which will make you stand-out in the crowd.

Access the Our Digital Marketers Community

Even after you get placed, you can get benefited through the coummunity of implementors.

Short Mastery Courses

The short mastery courses are based on important topics we need detailed discussion. We have short courses on Canva, WordPress, Landing Pages, etc.

Free Digital Marketing Workshops

We conduct regular workshops on how you can build and grow your careers in digital marketing. These workshops are designed to help know about digital marketing.

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